Irish environmentalism post-Greens


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May 8, 2009
The Green Party is virtually dead on the ground at local council and grassroots levels, and thanks to their collusion with FF, look set to have no representation after the next election. It is arguable, however, that sections of the Irish electorate still have varying degrees of sympathy with the goals of the ecological movement, so long as these are practically compatible with modern lifestyles. Fís Nua can be dismissed as obstreperous cranks, but concerns over peak oil and alternative energy will still have to be addressed in the coming decades, so how FG, Labour, SF and rump FF handle this agenda in the 31st Dáil?


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May 27, 2009
We were dealing with environmental issues before the Greens entered government, and we will be doing so long after they have left.

The Greens' success itself coincided with a peak in support for climate change abatement which has now waned in the face of the recession.

More broadly, it is based on "post-materialist" boomtime politics, back when governments around the world could afford to spend huge sums just to make moral gestures. That age is now over for a decade or so.


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Jul 31, 2010
If the Greens had listened to people like Maura Harrington and insisted on renegotiating corrupt deals made by corrupt politicians Frank Fahey, Ray Burke and Bertie Ahearn and their cronies on the matter of global corporate Shell and the Corrib Gas dilemma, they would have put themselves in a far stronger position and gained huge respect for making the CORRECT decision.

Thanks to those who have suffered jailings and torture, the Corrib gas is not given away yet. It can be stopped stone dead right now if enough pressure is applied to the corrupt before its too late. See here for the latest. They have NO PERMISSION for anything. Corrib Gas is a lame duck. If people believe it is too late now, they are wrong. Check out the latest bits that are currently open for submissions here and get writing NOW!

Currently there are yet more and more applications for planning permission open right now. There is no pipeline into North Mayo despite the lies that are put out in much of the media. There NEVER WILL BE because the local people will fight them to their death.

Stand up, get educated, say NO, shout NO and regain control of the natural resources wealth of Ireland.

After ten long years of struggle, the locals could do with your help.
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