Irish Probation Service - sloppy shop, time to clear house ?


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Jan 18, 2006
Earlier this week a judge handed down a stiff sentence on a recidivist sex predator

Probation Service reviewing erroneous report
The Probation Service has said it has begun a review of a case in which errors were contained in a report about a sex offender who was jailed earlier this week for 18 and a half years.

However the director of the service, Vivian Geiran, said he stood over the revised report which placed the offender at a medium risk of re-offending.
The probation officer decided for administrative reasons that the three offenses were in fact one !

The report was sloppy and put together in a few hours after the offender declined to cooperate with the Probation Service:

The wrong name was used a number of times in the report and there was a reference to previous convictions for road traffic offences, when in fact the defendant in the case had none.
...The probation officer replied that it was "an actuarial assessment" and for the purposes of a sentence hearing the offences were counted as one because it was one sentence hearing.
The tweetycrat-in-chief of the Probation Service has come out swinging, among other things saying he stands over the "at medium risk of re-offending" assessment

On the face of it, the Probation Service do not seem competent, changes seem needed


Prester Jim

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Jul 3, 2009
Sounds like other side of the coin of what happened to Maurice mccabe. Is it u e same inept social worker? If so she should have been struck off the first time.

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