Irish Rail Meet-&-Greeters - Why?

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Mar 9, 2010
I travelled from Munich to Frankfurt (that was painful). Munich to Nuremburg. Munich to Innsbruck(operated by DB and by EuroCity)
The EuroCity service was often dangerously overcrowded.
I don't like the EC services myself, they tend to stop in all sorts of strange places and tend to be stuffy, usually without a proper restaurant as well. Once train I would recommend which is technically EC but operated by Polish rail is the Berlin - Warsaw express. Spotlessly clean, fast, very comfortable and dirt cheap for food and drink. There's about 6 trains a day in each direction and it tends to be mainly folks on business so always quiet.

I've been on the line between Munich and Nüremberg a couple of times and found it ok. One tip I'd say for traveling over short to medium distances and somewhat flexible on time is to take the double decker regional trains. They often will be as fast as the ICE over shorter distances, much quieter, plently of space and you can also get a ticket that you can take up to 5 adults of kids from 9am until 3am the next day with unlimited travel anywhere in Germany for €44 during week days or €40 for weekend days. You can't use on ICE or IC but in many case it wouldn't make too much difference.

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