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Irish soldiers' wills from WWI go on internet.

Portadown madman

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Oct 2, 2010
The wills of 9,000 Irish soldiers who died in the First World War have been put on the internet by the Republic's National Archives.

The documents reveal the last wishes of the soldiers, many of them Ulster men.

Although about 35,000 Irish men died in action, only 9,000 wills have survived.

The fallen never came home, but their wills, which were written in a page of a pocket service book and tucked in their uniform, did.

BBC News - Irish soldiers' wills from WWI go on internet


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Nov 1, 2008
To my surprise I found the will left my my fathers uncle. He was only 21 so didn't have much to leave anyway but named his mother as sole benificary. Very sad reading. He was killed in 1917 but only made his will in December 1916 in Cork so it looks like his service overseas was less than 3 months.