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Fed Up

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Feb 22, 2010
From today's Irish Times:

Irish teens among most politically aware in world - The Irish Times - Tue, Nov 23, 2010

There are some very interesting points of note in this and it is very important to note this survey was carried out in the Spring of 2009.

1."Some 87 per cent of students said they intended to vote in future elections compared with an average of 81 per cent internationally. Some 82 per cent agreed that people should be free to criticise the government publicly and 94 per cent said people should be allowed to protest if they felt a law was unfair."

It's not clear if 18% of people don't think you should criticise the govt or don't know. I hope it's the latter. At least the protest figures are more encouraging.

2. "Just over half of students, or 52 per cent, stated that they trusted the national government compared with 62 per cent of students internationally."

I have to include this but again note this was Spring of 2009. Oh to be young and lacking in cynycism :lol:

3. "Forty-eight per cent said they trusted the media compared to 61 per cent internationally."

I must admit my surprise at this one, and given RTE's behaviour on Sunday night I would hope this figure drops below 48%. Can we put this down to high internet usage among teens? If so, yay progress!!! On a side note, the mainstream media should take note of this, this is their future market. Who knows, they might even pull the finger out and start (heaven forbid) investigative journalism :eek:

There are some other notes regarding knowledge of EU workings and other political processes.

I was unaware that Civics (as we used to call it) is compulsory for the Junior Cert and this is surely something positive in our education system.

However, for me, the main point of interest was the stat on their level of trust of the media. For me it alludes to a healthy capacity for independent and critical thought.

Any contributions from secondary school teachers here are to be especially welcomed to this thread

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