Irish Thatcher required (please attach cv)


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Jun 2, 2007
The Collective. said:
Thatcher was a fine lady. Sure she had some bad qualities. But she would at least be more competent, environmentally friendly and more compassionate than the vast majority of TDs.

Her attitude to the hunger strikers was her biggest achievement,"a crime is a crime is a crime".
Also if it wasnt for her, homosexuality would still be a crime in Britain.
You really are a total loon. :evil:

hopi watcher

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Jan 2, 2008
HarshBuzz said:
st333ve said:
Sure why dont you just invite another Cromwell, according to our neighbours he was also a great leader :roll:
again, a throwaway quip. Very enlightening. Maybe I should have said FDR instead to remove the anti-English reflex that afflicts some posters on this site.

can I ask you a question; are you happy with current standards of political leadership in this country?
This is clearly just another thread opened to slang off anything Irish. Thatcher is not only a figure of hate here but also in England. Her legacy is now becoming more and more visible everyday. She laid the foundation for a society riven all over the place and we are now witnessing children killing each other there in 'gang wars'. Disaffection is rampant.
With regard to your question, are you happy with the ledership we have? If not , tell us what you think is wrong wth it and add a few suggestions and solutions.


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Feb 25, 2011
OK, maybe not to the point of allowing hunder strikers to die :? but I do think that the seriousness of the economic (recession) and political (Lisbon) crisis facing the country at the moment is so dire that we need an 'Irish Thatcher' who fits the following criteria:

(a) knows the policies required to put the country back on the right track (massive public sector reform, fix Govt current spending, end dependency on the housing sector, get Lisbon passed one way or another, smash the clientelist model of politics in this country, eradicate political corruption, get our infrastructure up to the required level, build a nuclear power station etc etc - add your own)

(b) has the toughness to face down all the vested interests to actually get these policies implemented - unions, CIF, clientelists etc

I look around the Dail and I don't see anyone with the required attributes. All in all, I wouldn't trust most of them to run a corner shop. It seems that we Irish don't like conviction politicans (no, not the Stroke Fahy type of convictions ;) ) but that's exactly what we will require in the coming years.

Love her or loath her, Thatcher had the necessary courage to do what it took to get the UK back on its feet. We need the same now. FF got us into this mess, I don't see them (or anyone else of the current crop) getting us out.
Was Enda a decent Thatcher?

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