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Dec 19, 2008
Today's Irish Times reports on Irish teens apparently being more politcally savvy than their peers in other countries. That might well be true, as they place far less trust in the media than do most of their peers elsewhere.

Irish teens among most politically aware in world - The Irish Times - Tue, Nov 23, 2010

Gerry Moriarty conveniently provides a good example of why Irish teens, along with their older relatives, might not trust the journalistic ethics of those who are paid by the business sector to report, analyse and opine in order to generate profits for their employers.

South tops North in public pay, welfare - The Irish Times - Tue, Nov 23, 2010

Moriarty's piece could have been written by one of P.ie's legion of teacher-baiters, such is its precise location within an agenda. We heard the same message from Eoghan Harris (he of Bertie cheerleading fame) on RTE's Morning Ireland a few weeks ago - the mantra goes something like this: "public sector workers here are paid considerably more than their counterparts in the Northern Ireland, and it's a disgrace".

Not a single word in Moriarty's piece referred to the major price differentials between the two economies. Nothing at all about the property price-gouging people in this state have had to contend with for years up to the property collapse, nothing about free healthcare in the north, nothing about the availability of actual free education, nothing about food and drink prices, nothing about motor and home insurance differentials, restuarant prices or concert prices etc, etc. Nothing, it might be added, about the differentials in the prices of newspapers and magazines.

Not a word about the ongoing price-gouging by our business sector in relation to the EU's most expensive medicines.

It'd be of interest to see how the salaries of our 'journalists' compare with their northern counterparts. That would be interesting.

Nobody is going to stand over the lunatic salaries at the top of the public sector here. What is odious is the suggestion that ordinary public sector workers here are on a gravy-train, paid far more than their northern counterparts, and, the implication being, subject to the same market prices.

One wonders if Gerry Moriarty has spotted a promotional opportunity in the Irish Times, or merely an opening amongst the anti-public sector hyenas over at the Indo.

Whatever the reason, his article is a journalistic disgrace.

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