Irish Times/TNS/MRBI poll tomorrow - FF and FG both on 24


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Mar 20, 2005
questioning someone's political motive isn't censorship you idiot. in fact, it would be impossible to engage in such questions if they were censored, so you've effectively disproved your own assertion.

you really should learn the language, if you want to continue living in this country :D
It is censorship when any politician who calls for tighter immigration controls (as is mainstream in most EU states) is then villified by his own party and the entire Establishment political and media and forced to relent. It's imposing self-censorship and is a gross violation of the liberal-value of free speech. There are non-racist reasons to support immigration control that aren't the same as scapegoating immigrants. For example, I blame the politicians not legal immigrants. But even so, the usual suspects like PAD10H and gnasher insist on twisting my views into attempts to scapegoat immigrants, which is a lie. It is censorship and fascist to deny freedom of speech on matters of policy. It's not like I'm asking for concentration-camps or gas-chambers for God's sake. :rolleyes:

The Irish Times is the worst culprit of these brand of Politically-Correct censorship. Examples: in the debate between Fintan O'Toole and Mark Dooley on the LLS some years ago:
Irish Independent said:
THOSE of us who regularly call for a sensible debate on immigration in this country are usually branded racists. Last year, Fintan O'Toole accused me of racism on national television. And last Tuesday, members of Residents against Racism heckled Michael McDowell even as he launched the multicultural magazine, Metro Eireann.
But neither Michael McDowell nor I is racist. We believe that the net gain to Ireland from immigration far outweighs the cost. That is why the Minister for Justice recently pledged €5m for "integration measures".
And it is also why McDowell and Mary Harney have come out against Pat Rabbitte and Ned O'Keeffe on the issue of work permits for EU immigrants. Rabbitte and O'Keeffe think they have touched a chord with the electorate by supplying "anecdotal" evidence of Irish workers losing jobs to their Polish counterparts. Recent polls suggest they might be right. But I believe the majority of Irish people do not feel threatened by those coming from Eastern Europe...
This kind of censorship has to stop. It is anti-democratic and inimical to free-speech on which the people's right to decide how they are governed depends. And it's not like O'Toole is representative of public-opinion on immigration, given he opposed the Citizenship Referendum, and Pat Rabbitte's proposals to the return of immigration-controls on the Accession states. Yet the political-class insist on deferring to him and his newspaper on immigration - arguably responsible for blocking the Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill which was first introduced into Dail Eireann in 2008. It is extraordinary that such an unrepresentative newspaper has such a stranglehold on politics in this country. :roll:
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