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Malcolm Redfellow

Sep 29, 2009
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I know David has suppressed the Northern Irish forum (and with good reason).

I know that this is a trivial matter.

Neither should prevent me from asking.

A recent thread on a rival channel mused on which Northern Irish politician(s) could be nominated as foreign minister to the Bermuda Triangle. (OK. OK. Daft stuff. But this is Northern Ireland of which we speak).

Which prompted my thought and questions:

  1. One of the last persons of (being generous) “distinction” sent in that direction (actually to the Bahamas, not Bermuda, and doubtless closely chaperoned by British “intelligence”) was the Duke of Windsor. Knowing the British capacity to accumulate titles like fleas on a scabby cur, he must have had an Irish/Northern Irish title. Did that also get abdicated?
  2. Is it true that, or all the governments consulted, only Ireland’s saw no objection to the marriage to Mrs Simpson? Was that a voiced opinion or merely a case of "couldn't give a damn"?

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