Is communist equal pay for all salary only hospital consultants hobbling recruitment?


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Feb 24, 2015
Some years ago, I remember visiting the psychiatric unit in Galway and seeing rain coming in through a small hole in the wall. Fortunately, that at least has been rectified. In my Canadian health region, we have been talking at committee level about insufficient psychiatric beds and unfilled psychiatry posts for at least thirty years. The community care model in psychiatry, a well-intentioned proposal that suits some patients, was used by governments around the world to shut down too many hospital beds without financing community care adequately. When doctors send psychiatric patients home from hospitals they should be doing it for their benefit, not the bottom line.
In Dublin Crumlin, Temple St , Holles St and the Rotunda are filthy sh*tholes.
Vincents is at least clean, not a high benchmark to achieve but beyond the capabilities of most public hospitals here.

Baron von Biffo

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May 16, 2007
Public services are seen as an act of charity in Ireland. The public sector unions here will always put the short term monetary gain for its members over the interest of patients. Best to go private so there's no confusion and you end up with a transaction between a consumer and a vendor.

Other than Revenue public services here are best avoided, lifes too short.
Life would certainly be interesting if we had myriad private police forces, courts, prisons and armies.

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