Is delayed Dublin MRI scan "rationing by queue"?

Buchaill Dana

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Mar 19, 2018
Nurses in Ireland are paid at least 30% more on average than the UK depending on the value of the £ to the euro. A young man I met late last year told me that he earned more as a unionised unsupervised worker in a rural Irish hospital than he earned as a supervisor for cleaning surgical instruments in a London hospital with the special London allowance for the high cost of living.
More 'anecdotes'.

Irish nurses start at €24,850. UK nurses (ex London) start at £24,214. At todays rates, thats just shy of €27,000. So 12% less.

Median salary. Ireland €32,775. Uk £34,105, thats €37,000, 16% less.

An outlier is a senior staff nurse here earns €47,898. In the UK that is £36,250, about €41,000. So 17% more.

In short, you are at it again. Total spoof.


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Jan 7, 2018
Amazing Pat that Irish Nurses are leaving to go to the UK , And that Irish Nurses living in the UK on this island wont work in the Republic even for your imaginary 30%.

You need to let that chip go, Pat.

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