Is Ireland the Appendix of Europe


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Jan 21, 2008
Yes I am
Recently we have had much talk about Ireland at the Heart of Europe. This would suggest that Ireland was pumping the life blood (money) through Europe and an essential part of the working body of the European Union.

It seem to me that Ireland is in fact the appendix of the EU.

The appendix in the Human body is - a blind-ended tube connected to the cecum (or caecum), from which it develops embryologically. The cecum is a pouchlike structure of the colon. The appendix is located near the junction of the small intestine and the large intestine

The most common explanation for the appendix's existence in humans is that it's a vestigial structure which has lost its original function.

There you have it. The appendix actually has no funtion. However if the appendix goes bad it could be fatal.

EDIT prompted by firefly123- The Appendix can be removed without causing any problems.
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I'd say it was Europe's ass and it's getting royally ****ed!!

Yes it's crass but true.


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Dec 8, 2009
I would say Ireland is more the spleen of Europe. It serves a function when working properly but could be removed if necessary. What we need to do is grab a tight hold on the aorta and squeeze.

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