Is this what Palestinian-Israeli peace looks like? - A new federation to be called Greater Palestine


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Dec 5, 2009
What they have in Area B and C is not "protection" except perhaps as Russia would define it in Crimea, the breakaway Georgian regions or Eastern Ukraine, which means the right to terrorise the other community without any kind of due process when Arabs are expelled from their homes. Shame on Israel, which claims to be the Jewish state, when it treats others as Jews were treated for centuries in Europe.
Total BS. Go easy on the kool-aid there.

Towards a brief reality check.



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Dec 14, 2011
Nonsense! In other words Bull $hitttt

What they have in area B is much more than a protectorate, they not only have their own administration, but the Israelis fight for them against Hamas.

Abbas is doing the same economically, but without Israel area B would look like Gaza in 2006-2007 for Fatah.

Area C is something else - the only ones who've been expelled till now from an area were the Jews - both from Gaza and Northern Samaria where one wouldn't find any settlements!!!

The Arabs in area C who illegally occupied lands to build politically-motivated constructions, like in Khan El-Ahmar and in the Southern Hebron hills, should be evacuated.

Jews have been evacuated just last year from their homes, and the arabs are not different, and eventually they will be evacuated.

Though they still have more freedom to build illegally than the Jews, as the Israeli administration ignores most of those hundreds of thousands of illegal construction.
There doesnt seem to be any room in your position for individual property rights? You just think you can kick people out without due process? That is not how a democracy is supposed to function.

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