Islamic immigration into Europe MUST stop now.


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Nov 4, 2012
;178770 said:
It is currently estimated that there are 20* million Muslims living in Europe at the moment. That's a bigger number than the populations of 5 of the smaller member-states combined. Current demographic trends indicate that within 15 years, Amsterdam will be predominantly Muslim, and it has been predicted that by 2100, the EU itself will be majority Muslim.

Integration seems to have failed: whether you look at the multiculturalist model favoured by Holland and the UK, or the assimmilationist model propounded by France, Muslims remain a detatched, aloof community.

The Daily Telegraph has reported that some 60% of British Muslims want Sharia Law introduced in Britain, that 40% support Al-Qaeda, and 20% think the attacks of 9/11 were justified, and worthy of support.

In France, for one reason or another, Muslims rioted last year. They did the same in Australia some weeks later. We currently are going through an extraordinary situation in which cartoons have convulsed the Muslim world with violently-expressed rage.

For those who scoff at the notion of 'Clash of Civilisations', maybe you'd better think again.

It's my belief that when six people say you're sick, you should lie down. All over the world where there are large numbers of Muslims in Western countries, trouble ensues.

Do we blame ourselves? Or do we join the dots and say that there is a significant group within Islamic Civilisation that has hopelessly failed to integrate. Even if the 60 percent figure for Sharia Law in the UK was overestimated by half, it's still an unnacceptably high figure.

Can the Muslim population of a country continue to grow indefinitely without the political culture of that country becoming more Islamic?

Indeed, Islam need not be a statistical majority in order for it to function as one. Already people are saying it was wrong for EU papers to publish the cartoons. In Europe, it's not wrong to caricature religion. It's done all the time. Should it now become wrong? I don't think so.

On the front page of the London Times today, an Islamic gunman raises his weapon high above a tattered EU flag. One day, that could well be the case in Brussels, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Dublin.

If the majority EU population in 2100 is set to be Muslim, and given that substantially large numbers of these people can't seem to be integrated into our countries, I submit that it makes no sense to continue accepting Islamic immigrants into Europe now in 2006.

Until Islamic Civilisation has moderated, our doors should be closed to its adherants.

Yes, it's unfair to moderate Muslims - but how are we to know who's moderate from who's not? We are incubating a potentially revolutionary movement within our nations. Who's to say that in 2086, the Champs Elysee will not be stormed, and the Islamic Republic of France declared?

Am I talking rot? I don't think so. 2100's not so far away. And the demographic pendulum has swung away from us.

I'm not calling for a halt to all immigration - just Islamic. There are plenty of seikhs, Buddhists, Hindus and Christians from Africa and S America who could be integrated far more easily than an Islamic community 60% the adherants of which in the UK want to see Sharia Law introduced.

*EDIT there's actually over 50 million Muslims in Europe.
Why is it happening in the first place?

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