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Israel attemps to have critical Spanish website closed


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Oct 1, 2011
An attempt was made recently to censor a Spanish website - Kaos en la Red - which was hosted in Germany. The hosting company, Hetzner said that they had received complaints from an organisation called AFI-CAT (Association of Friends of Israel in Catalunya), with a website at afi-cat.org
AFI-CAT complained about some content on Kaos en la Red's website, specifically some articles critical of Israel, which had been on the website since around the time of the Gaza invasion. Hetzner then ordered Kaos en la Red to remove the articles or face withdrawal of service from 11.00 am on Monday 5th November. The attempt at censorship was rejected, and Kaos en la Red moved their content to a Swedish server.
An interesting point here is the AFI-CAT's website is a phantom website which redirects to an Israeli government website.
Shortly after closing the service, it seems that Hetzner had a change of heart, and permitted Kaos en la Red to remain on their servers, but they had already made an alternative arrangement, temporarily in Sweden, and in the longer term will move to Canadian servers.

Further info:
in Spanish:
Victoria de la libertad de expresión: Hetzner rectifica y no bloqueará Kaosenlared
In Spanish, English, German and Esperanto:
Nodo50 moverá su plataforma de servidores dedicados en Alemania tras un intento de censura - Nodo50. Contrainformación en la Red

This is a list of the offending articles:
- KAOSENLARED.NET -- No son judios son terroristas
- KAOSENLARED.NET -- Israel, sionista y asesino !!
- KAOSENLARED.NET -- Israel, una sociedad enferma
- KAOSENLARED.NET -- ¡ ASESINOS! - La ideología sionista (Estado de Israel), versión moderna del nazi-fascismo.
- KAOSENLARED.NET -- Boicot a Israel: lista de productos y atencin al cdigo de barras
- KAOSENLARED.NET -- Boicot a Israel(729): Llista de la NO COMPRA (productes)
- KAOSENLARED.NET -- Boicot a Israel, boicot a Noa Sant Cugat
- KAOSENLARED.NET -- Boicot a Israel


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Mar 29, 2008
On 4 July 2012 the European Parliament voted against ACTA. The European Commission will continue to seek the legal opinion of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on whether this agreement harms any of the fundamental rights of European citizens – including freedom of speech.

then this developed . . .

The shadow of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is back in Europe. It is disguised as CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union. As reported by EDRI, a rather strange and surprising e-mail was sent this summer from the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union to the Member States and the European Commission. The e-mail explained that the criminal sanctions provisions of the draft CETA are modeled on those in ACTA.

Clean IT – Leak shows plans for large-scale, undemocratic surveillance of all communications

A leaked document from the CleanIT project shows just how far internal discussions in that initiative have drifted away from its publicly stated aims, as well as the most fundamental legal rules that underpin European democracy and the rule of law.
The document linked below is distributed to participants on a “need to know” basis – we are sharing the document because citizens need to know what is being proposed.

Key measures being proposed:

  • Removal of any legislation preventing filtering/surveillance of employees' Internet connections
  • Law enforcement authorities should be able to have content removed “without following the more labour-intensive and formal procedures for 'notice and action'”
  • “Knowingly” providing links to “terrorist content” (the draft does not refer to content which has been ruled to be illegal by a court, but undefined “terrorist content” in general) will be an offence “just like” the terrorist
  • Legal underpinning of “real name” rules to prevent anonymous use of online services
  • ISPs to be held liable for not making “reasonable” efforts to use technological surveillance to identify (undefined) “terrorist” use of the Internet
  • Companies providing end-user filtering systems and their customers should be liable for failing to report “illegal” activity identified by the filter
  • Customers should also be held liable for “knowingly” sending a report of content which is not illegal
  • Governments should use the helpfulness of ISPs as a criterion for awarding public contracts
  • The proposal on blocking lists contradict each other, on the one hand providing comprehensive details for each piece of illegal content and judicial references, but then saying that the owner can appeal (although if there was already a judicial ruling, the legal process would already have been at an end) and that filtering such be based on the “output” of the proposed content regulation body, the “European Advisory Foundation”
  • Blocking or “warning” systems should be implemented by social media platforms – somehow it will be both illegal to provide (undefined) “Internet services” to “terrorist persons” and legal to knowingly provide access to illegal content, while “warning” the end-user that they are accessing illegal content
  • The anonymity of individuals reporting (possibly) illegal content must be preserved... yet their IP address must be logged to permit them to be prosecuted if it is suspected that they are reporting legal content deliberately and to permit reliable informants' reports to be processed more quickly
  • Companies should implement upload filters to monitor uploaded content to make sure that content that is removed – or content that is similar to what is removed – is not re-uploaded
  • It proposes that content should not be removed in all cases but “blocked” (i.e. make inaccessible by the hosting provider – not “blocked” in the access provider sense) and, in other cases, left available online but with the domain name removed.

Leaked document: http://www.edri.org/files/cleanIT_sept2012.pdf
CleanIT Project website: The Clean IT project
Microsoft “code of conduct”: Code of conduct
CleanIT's letter to Bits of Freedom about “factual inaccuracies” and their unfulfilled promise to produce a problem definition:
EDRigram article 29 August: http://edri.org/edrigram/number10.16/cleanit-safer-internet-for-terror...
EDRigram article 20 June: http://edri.org/edrigram/number10.12/the-rise-of-the-european-upload-f...
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Dec 14, 2011
What does Israel think its at - try to take over the world? Oops! :)

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