It begins! woman in Blackrock South Dublin injured in acid attack

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Nov 4, 2017
from the Irish Independent:

A woman has been left with 'life-changing injuries" after she had acid poured over her face during a shocking assault in South County Dublin.
The attack on the 32-year-old victim occurred on Friday night - and gardai in Blackrock are following a "definite line of enquiry".
The incident occurred after the woman - a Chinese national - left her place of work shortly after 10pm on Friday night.

She was walking in an area close to Merrion Wood and Seamount Apartments in Stillorgan.
A man - believed to be wearing a hood or balaclava - ambushed the woman, before dragging her into a nearby laneway.

He then pulled the woman to the ground and poured acid over her face, before fleeing the scene.
The woman was rushed to hospital and has been receiving treatment for her injuries over the weekend.

A source close to the investigation said the victim's injuries are "life-changing" and gardai fear she may have been left blinded by the assault.
Gardai do not believe this assault was a random attack and are following a definite line of enquiry.
Horrifying to see this barbaric crime from the middle east coming to Ireland as it has done to the rest of Europe. London seems to be where Dublin is now heading to. Pray for the victim, that the criminals will be brought to justice and that this will go no farther.

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