"It's the economy, stupid"


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Dec 29, 2010
A DUP MLA has claimed Northern Ireland's electricity grid is being run from the Republic of Ireland - despite being supposed to operate independently of its southern owners.

The System Operator for Northern Ireland (Soni) has been owned by Eirgrid, the Irish state-owned grid operator, since 2009.

It is a condition of Soni's licence that it operates independently from Eirgrid.

But North Antrim MLA Paul Frew said he is concerned that Soni's operating independence is unclear.

"They are owned by Eirgrid, which is owned by the Irish government," he said.

The underlying issue is that northern Ireland physically does not make much sense. Donegal is the real northern Ireland and having a separate system makes no economic sense.

The dup supported brexit without remembering the most important fact of political life. "Its the economy stupid". If the DUP cannot learn to deal constructively with the Irish government after Brexit then they will not be doing their jobs as elected politicians. It will also speed up the end of northern Ireland.

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