Joint Authority as a temporary Brexit solution for NI?


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Jun 30, 2010
It's quite clear livingstone was referring to the democratic mandate for the GFA in the Republic, among nationalists, and within the unionist community - whether or not the DUP supports it is immaterial.

The DUP are so immaterial they keep May and the other incompetents in Government, are you aware of that pal?

btw.....I posted earlier, it is too early to submit "funniest post of 2019":laugh::laugh:

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Mar 14, 2017
Just noticed on RTE that the leader of the UUP (a small party up North) has been calling for Direct Rule to be imposed on NI.
UUP in call for direct rule for NI if no-deal Brexit

Could Joint Authority (Ireland and UK) over NI be a solution (the majority of voters in NI voted against Brexit) in NI in that NI would simultaneously be in and out of the UK?
I don't see why not.

Even the Ayatollah Paisley accepted that fast Joint Authority was 'Plan B' to the slower GFA reunification of Ireland process.

Paisley said that is why the DUP surrendered and entered Stormont.

Poor locationally challenged Unionists trapped in Ireland - hahahaha


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