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Kerry South


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May 7, 2009
Series of threads on each constituency:

ElectionsIreland.org: 30th Dail - Kerry South First Preference Votes

Currently: 1 FF, 1FG, 1 Jackie Healy Rae

JOD being Ceann Comhairle gets him in automatically, for some weird reason, making this a 2 seat constituency.

The locals show the FG vote as strong so there should be no problem in getting Tom Sheahan elected again.

Likewise for FF their vote was strong however The Healey-Rae brothers did eat into their vote. But Jackie is retiring and no one from the family could make it in a two seater.

I predict: 1 FG, 1 FF and 1 waster: CC JOD


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May 11, 2009
yea u rite but still a chance red nose will not remain as cc


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Jan 9, 2005
Anticipate O Donoghue may be a candidate if he decides to remain in politics--his position as CC is untenable and we should have his resignation in the coming weeks--there could be a major upset in South Kerry and Labour may pip FF for the third seat---the days of gombeen politics are numbered


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Aug 3, 2006
Isn't everything thrown up in the air if O'Donaghue is forced to resign?


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Jul 6, 2009
Lab have no chance in takin a here seat unless it is at the expense of FG, which is very unlikely.
The most likely and only outcome is FF-1 FG-1 and the return of JOD


the days of gombeen politics are numbered
your optimism is touching. Gombeen electorates + democracy = gombeen politicians. Its not going anywhere this side of a world war/plague/meteorite strike.


Jan 24, 2011
Strength of Candidates in South Kerry

I gave an account of what I heard in Killarney and Castleisland last Sat.
Since then I visited Killorglin & Kenmare.
The talk in Killorglin is much about the powerful influence being exerted for the Fleming Independence ''Alliance'' by Long serving KCC member Michael Cahill.Mr Cahill is obviously a much liked and respected polititian and in this election he is taking a lead role which appears to be really enhanching his standing further across the entire area:He appears to be really consolidating his own position as a formidable polititian which is from what I heard causing some alarm in the O'Donoghue & Healy Rae camps.This election campaign is obviously giving him an opportunity to get out from the ''shadow'' of those referred to who had him somewhat boxed in.He is now out of the 'box' and will probably become the dominant politician as a result.Watch his campaigns for maybe senate but definetely next Council election should really show his new dominance.In Kenmare a previous KCC candidate -Don Lynch - from what I heard here is putting himself in a great position for his Council contest next time.Part of the Fleming/Cahill/OLeary Train.Watch this guy for future reference also.These 2 have their finger on the pulse of the electorate.If I was in the O'D& H.Rae CAMP I'D be v. concerned. Dingle next stop to listen.