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Jun 30, 2015
'Sir' Roger Scruton? Jesus, they must really have been scraping the barrel that year. I remember him being busted on writing articles for a Japanese tobacco company, and using his status as an op-ed writer to do it.

'The Guardian reported in 2002 that Scruton had been writing about these issues while failing to disclose that he was receiving £54,000 a year from JTI.[67] The payments came to light when a September 2001 email from the Scrutons to JTI was leaked to The Guardian. Signed by Scruton's wife, the email asked the company to increase their £4,500 monthly fee to £5,500, in exchange for which Scruton would "aim to place an article every two months" in the Wall Street Journal, Times, Telegraph, Spectator, Financial Times, Economist, Independent, or New Statesman.[76][77][67] Scruton, who said the email had been stolen, replied that he had never concealed his connection with JTI.[68] In response to The Guardian article, the Financial Times ended his contract as a columnist,[78] The Wall Street Journal suspended his contributions,[79][80] and the Institute for Economic Affairs said it would introduce an author-declaration policy.[81] Chatto & Windus withdrew from negotiations for a book, and Birkbeck removed his visiting-professor privileges.'



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May 23, 2017
Yes, but how did you and I, who are descended from 3/4 of the population, make it to here? You're saying they made a hash of the genocide.

And the other big mystery is how we got back into bed with the genocidal liberals as soon as they would have us.
Tbf I never said it was genocide, not a full blow "pre-planned" genocide anyway .. what I am saying however is that it was a case of hatred & opportunism coupled with a supremacist ideology of "who gives a fuk they arent really human anyway" .. just let them die.
Opportunism in that they could rid themselves of a few million troublesome catholic Irish "and" clear the land for more profitable enterprise.. and they'll be easier to handle .. remember this was just after emancipation so it was a good way to get croppy to lie down again

Its far removed form the simple theory that the British were simply incompetent and made a hash of solving the problem. .. "Ooops look what we did arent we awfully silly" just doesnt cut it Im afraid

btw, there have been lots & lots of genocides (probably them all) that didnt totally eradicate a race .. to be surprised that you & I are here now is hardly proof that it didnt happen

and as for getting back into bed with them ... whats that supposed to mean ? .. what choice did we have ?
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