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Oct 2, 2010
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Kicking down Cowen's rotten door!

Kicking down Cowen's rotten door!
In a desperate time we are burdened by a rotten Government who are doing a Faustian deal with e ECB and IMF to deepen our debt to save Euro banks.

There is some thing in the air tonight the mood of the people is different.

It is time to protest. The Irish people in the absence of an opportunity to give a new government a mandate should protest.

It is time to deliver a message to Europe. If they want their Euro banks saved then the ECB must buy the Irish Banks and their debt.

That must be the demand of our negotiating team. Otherwise we let the banks go and burn the bondholders be they French German or British.

The sight of thousands of peaceful protesters on the streets will send a message to overseas depositors. We will not bail you out!

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