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Jun 3, 2006
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Ciarán Lynch TD
Spokesperson on Housing and Local Government
Dáil Candidate for Cork South Central Speaking in the Dail on the Mayor and Regional Authority Bill, 2010
The Labour Party agrees in principle with the idea of a directly elected Mayor for Dublin and recognises the potential value that such a position could bring to the Greater Dublin Area. However the Bill as it is being presented before the House today clearly demonstrates that now is not the time for such a measure.
Accordingly, Labour is putting forward a second stage amendment (see below) that will defer the legislation for two years.
This Bill is not fit for Purpose and having examined its broader provisions, it clearly falls well short of the earlier ambitions that the Minister seemed to have for it, and that the potential that a new office would have.
The idea of a directly elected Mayor for Dublin was placed in the 2007 programme for Government, so in effect John Gormley has had over three years to prepare this legislation. Unfortunately he is bringing a deficient Bill to the House.

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