Labour’s Golden Opportunity to Reform Politics & Limit the Future of Parish Pump Pol

Michael Moloney

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Oct 4, 2007
A radical change in how the Oireachtas functions must be top of the Agenda of the next Dail.

However as turkeys will not vote for Christmas, neither can we expect our politicians to do like wise so any talk of getting members of the
Oireachtas to eliminate the Seanad or reduce the size of the Dail will stymie the chances of reform that would ensure that the calibre of
our politicians rises above glorified parish pump politicians.

As Labour are going to be a major force in the next Government and as it be the party with the biggest in take of new TDs it is best positioned
to push for reform and I suggest the following –

1. Both Houses of The Oireachtas elected on the same day.

2. The Dail would continue to be elected by the present system

3. The Seanad elected from a List only system with just 5 constituencies and the voting been
the sum totals that each party got in the Dail elections for the relevant group.

4. Members elected to The Dail not eligible for Cabinet or to Chair committees of the

5. The Taoiseach can be from either House but his Cabinet to be picked from the Seanad

6. Election are fixed at five year intervals’ and eliminate By-elections.

A system on the lines of the above would go a long way to give us Cabinet Gov that is above petty party politics, allow for more competent
individuals to have a serious roll in politics without having to lick backsides and kiss babies and hopefully reduce the grip like control that
gombeen men have of our political process and which is the root cause of the mess we find ourselves in now.

This will be hard for many sitting FG TDs to stomach but Labour have I believe an opportunity that they may never have again to demand real and radically reform.

Michael Moloney

Alwyn Love

Nov 24, 2009
Has to be tweeked yet, here is my twopence worth

We can do nothing about the past, very little about the present but we can mould our future.We all know who is responsible for our plight, we all know the enormity of our budget deficit, and we all know it will cost each and every person in the country dearly.
It will take up to 2014 at least to balance the books for Ireland Inc, thereafter; we have to start repaying the €500M a day we are borrowing.
I have mentioned recently in both local and national media the need for vision,
A vision of where we see ourselves as a country in 2020 and beyond.
The policies, personnel and structures of our political, banking and regulatory systems have failed us miserably. We cannot even think about a new vision until these structures and systems are replaced and totally reformed.

My vision going forward would include the following.

National Politics

Politics has to be seen as a civic duty and a public service and not a self serving, financial wind fall or indeed a family business.

A reduction in the number of TDs from 166 to 100
(With every County having at least 1 TD)

The Seanad to be replaced by senators elected by the people on the same day as the general election. (The next highest placed person in each constituency, who doesn’t secure a Dail seat)

A cap on TDs salaries at twice the average industrial wage
A cap on expenses equal to salary (all vouched)

Senator’s salaries to be 1.5 times the average industrial wage.
A cap on expenses equal to salary (all vouched)

An end to mercs and perks for former politicians

Halve the number of ministers and junior ministers

Pensions to be paid at pension age and not before

An end to parachute payments, redundancy to be paid at the same rate as those in private sector. (As recognition of their contribution to the state)

A ban on immediate family members seeking election to a seat vacated by the retirement or death of a sitting TD or Senator, for 1 full term.

TDs can only serve 3 terms (15 years or the life of 3 governments)
At present any sitting TD, Senator or councillor seeking election, continues to get paid and can claim expenses from the state during an election campaign. (You the taxpayer pays for incumbents to contest an election)
This is an unfair and inequitable system.
From the time an election is called up to Election Day, all payments including expenses to be stopped.


An immediate 30% reduction in the number of councillors (down from 883 to 600)
Abolish borough and town councils serving populations under 20,000

No salary for councillors, presents salary of approx €17,000 to be used as expenses, capped and vouched.
Councillors can only serve 3 terms (15 years or the life of 3 Councils)
Councillors who have served a minimum of 1 term, upon retirement or in the event of not getting re elected, to be paid a once off payment of ½ the average industrial wage. (As recognition of their contribution to the state)

Non attendance at monthly council meetings, local area meetings or SPC meetings will result in a deduction of €100 per meeting.

Pacts on local authorities to be “programme for local government based”

Ban lobbying by Developers and landowners for the rezoning of land.

Votes on zoning to be a 3 pronged vote, 1 elected representatives, 1 local community, 1 the local planners.

Development levies to be ring fenced for use in the areas they were levied.

Abolition of the position of county manager, replaced by an elected Mayor

A Referendum called within 3 months of a General Election to include these measures in our constitution (legislation put in place in the first 12 months of a new government to ensure that all measures are put in place prior to the next local elections 2014)

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