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Landslide Victory for the Left in NIPSA elections

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Mar 2, 2010
The 2013 Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance General Council Election has resulted in a landslide victory for the Left. The membership of NIPSA, the largest trade union in Northern Ireland, elected 20 members of the NIPSA Broad Left to the 25 member General Council, Nine of those elected are members of the Socialist Party. The Broad Left filled the first 18 positions in the election. The Broad Left secured this stunning victory on the basis of campaigning to fight cuts to jobs, wages and services and in opposition to the privatisation of public services.

NIPSA Broad Left

Northern Ireland: Landslide victory for Left in largest union | socialistworld.net


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Jun 5, 2012
Hopefully this will be a change for the better.

I am aware of criticism of NIPSA's performance in the troubled F.E. sector, with some members leaving NIPSA in the largest F.E. college.
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