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The Red Rose of Cork

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Apr 20, 2007
FutureTaoiseach said:
How long before Rabbitte follows suit.
Not that long. Tomorrows Sunday Business Post reporting that NEC members are up in arms over Rabbittes purported attempt not to renew the contracts of the three regional organisers. This despite the fact that it was the NEC who appointed them and therefore its the NEC and not Rabbitte who will determine the matter.

Expect sparks at next weeks meeting

Keep left ahead

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Jul 14, 2007
so who is likely to move against him in the parliamentary party? if there was a leadership contest i would back joan burton


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Aug 14, 2003
Langan was undoubtedly a very smart guy, and I think his emphasis on presentation over policy was more down to his role than any strategic intent. I also don't believe that a different set of policies would have made a huge difference to the result of the election. Presumably, he had his sights set on the Tanaiste's programme manager role, and as it is now clear that Rabitte is never going to be Tanaiste, he will set his sights elsewhere.

His biggest failure (and possibly his strength) was his 100% loyalty to Rabitte, even where Rabitte was clearly and completely wrong (e.g. 2 candidate strategy for Dublin South).

It is easy for the majority of us who are amateurs (i.e. we're not counting on politics to pay our mortgage or feed our families) to moan about people switching jobs, but he has to earn his living.


Sep 29, 2006
Yes - hard to blame him for seeking a change. Labour missed the boat in this election. THey should have left the FF option open. They could have been in government now

Because of this tactical blunder, talented people in the party lanquish on the opposition benches..............for another five years>.......................................

The late David Thornley's quip about the socialists being seventy is coming true.

Boss Croker

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Feb 18, 2005
David Cochrane said:
Boss - I find your attitude to me and this site rude and arrogant, get a grip, or go elsewhere.
You're being far too defensive and, indeed, offensive in the above comment. krayZpaving abused his access to my email address to post a comment that was in danger of identifying me, to my detriment. You should just acknowledge that and move on.

Your tone above is in contrast to the private message you sent me. A case of one face in private, the other in public?

And, the reason I've been forced to post comments to you in public is because neither you nor krayZpaving would respond to my - polite - private messages.

You get a grip.

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