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Disillusioned democrat

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Mar 16, 2010
I don't understand why the media aren't calling FF on their ridiculous assertion that for the good of the country it's their responsibility to get the budget through before they pass the reins to the next democratically mandated government.

This is no more that FF leaving a time bomb for the incoming government that will explode sometime witin 5 years. Let's face it, FF are relying on Ireland's propensity to vote against governments and their general stupidity, in 5 years time people wont remember it was FF that led us to where we are now, that developed the 4 year plan or passed the first budget that shaped the next governments first year in office.

This is blatantly laying waste to everything they pass as they retreat from government to try to limit the time they spend in opposition, and as with all of FF's plans, it will be the taxpayer who pays.



Some of the dumbest lads I ever knew were also the sneakiest. FF are thick but they have a proven track record of underhandedness and putting the party before country.

Why are FG and Labour allowing FF even the opportunity to hamstring them, at the ultimate expense of the country, for the next 4 years? Surely, while unpalatable, it is in their best interest to develop the budget and the 4 year plan.

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