Leaks of 20 Year National Strategy for Irish Language


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Aug 2, 2006
Some leaks were carried on the Nuacht on TG4 yesterday and on TG4's current affairs programme 7Lá yesterday evening. According to the journalist the Strategy is largely the same as the Draft Strategy published last year. Which is discouraging. Here are the leaks which were sent to me in an email from Guth na Gaeltachta today:

There will be a Minister and Department for the language.
There will be yearly assessments of Irish in all schools.
There will be a review of the education system.
Language assistants in all schools teaching through Irish.
Reviews to be held every seven years on the plan.
Údaras na Gaeltachta will become a national state agency Údaras na Gaeltachta agus na Gaeilge and will still have their economic remit in the Gaeltacht.
I, for one am not quite sure whether having a Minister and Department for the Irish language is a good idea. I suppose it is worth a try.

I am glad that Údaras na Gaeltachta is becoming a national state agency and will still have their economic remit in the Gaeltacht.

I presume the Family Support Centres in the Gaeltacht, and cultural centres in the rest of the country will still be going ahead. In the short-term I hope. And I hope that the Teacher Training College will be going ahead in Baile Bhuirne in Cork. They already have a building. And I hope that the Road Signage Guidelines are going to change so that future road signage has equal-status between both Irish and English.

There will not be a second Irish language subject for Leaving Cert which to me just demonstrates the incompetence of this FF-led Government. Hopefully the next FG/LP Govt. will bring in one. "Irish Arts and Literature" is the title proposed by a Joint-Oireachtas Committee for the new subject.

Fine Gael and Labour believe rightly that the money spent promoting Irish should be audited. So I believe that the money spent during this strategy can in large part be spent from existing funding presuming it is audited. And many of the policies in the strategy- like with new road signage- do not cost anything.

I am slightly encouraged by the Strategy. That could be because it is finally getting published and that there will be a general election within around a month of its publication!!!! petunia

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