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Holy Cow

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Oct 8, 2010
Last thread on this was deleted because I called it an emergency budget, however, this is effectively a move to calm the markets.

The cash must be running out, because Lenihan is calling in the opposition to tell them how much will be deleted from each government department/section.

Lenihan/FF will look for support from the opposition before publishing the plans.

Its a mini budget, and an emergency one.

Brown underpants in the debt of finance.

Scale of cuts to be revealed within days, says Lenihan | BreakingNews.ie


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May 5, 2009
Todays papers said he will announce the figures today (Wednesday).
Here's the article:

THE scale of what is expected to be the harshest Budget in the history of the State will be revealed tomorrow.

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan said yesterday that the Government would reveal the size of the spending cuts and tax increases next year after requests from the opposition for further information.

Full details will have to await the four-year budgetary plan, which is expected in two weeks' time, followed by the Budget itself on December 7.

One analyst said this might help reduce borrowing costs for the Government next year, but costs on the bond markets continued to soar to more than 7pc yesterday.

Mr Lenihan denied that he was providing the additional information because of the latest rise in the interest rate being demanded for lending to the Irish Government.

"I carefully read all of the opposition comments in the recent Dail debate and decided to respond to their requests for more information," he said.
Lenihan prepares to unveil scale of cuts coming in Budget - National News, Frontpage - Independent.ie

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