LGBT school lessons protests in the uk

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Sep 29, 2009
Sure I am.

I don’t think a homophobe has an inalienable right to impart their homophobia on their child and prevent them receiving any countervailing non-homophonic narrative. But they definitely do not have a right to impose their homophobia on other people’s kids and the whole education system.
So, they have a right - expressed by some of them - to pull their kids from these classes. I imagine that will take the energy out of this protest, if properly implemented as policy. Time will tell.


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Mar 3, 2004
Have just seen this one, Livingstone. Posting without tagging me while mentioning me several times? Tut-tut.

Trying the stats now? I got as far as

and then I wondered what the percentage is for random straight men. And random women. And women who haven't had anal sex with a gay man. I'm sure you know.

You need to accept that anal sex is dirty and dangerous.
To further illustrate this, have a look at this

and bear in mind that the cohort who report the majority of all Syphilis cases are in fact a small minority of the entire population.
OK well if you want to play the stats with the whole population and not just gay and bisexual men - though given your issue seems to be with teaching tolerance of same sex couples so your logic is unclear - but here goes.

If you have sex receptive anal sex with a random man - regardless of sexuality - the chances of him being HIV+ with a detectable viral load is 0.03%.

The chances of the condom failing is 2% and if it fails the chances of transmission after exposure is 1.4%.

2% x 1.4% x 0.03% = 0.000084%

That’s less than one in a million chance of contracting HIV by having protected, receptive anal sex with any random man in the UK.

So whether you use the 0.05% chance of transmission, or the 0.000084% chance of transmission - both demonstrate very clearly that protected anal sex is not dangerous, even before you get to other means of reducing risk by knowing a partners HIV status.

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