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May 30, 2004
EUR 10,000,000 awarded to Kinsella in court yesterday
An insane amount of money from a bizarre case.

It highlights again the absurdity of the libel laws in Ireland which have served to stifle reporting and protect corruption for years. Fear of losing ensures that media outlets will snuff out revelations unless they are cast iron which is almost impossible.

No sign of reform in sight. In the current political climate it is unlikely to be addressed as the less the public knows the better.


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Nov 9, 2010
Libel laws were just updated in 2009.

And yes difficulties still remain with reporting but enough cases are not defended under Article 40.6.1 (i) of the Constitution

€10 million is a huge sum, but that's juries for you. It is being appealed and be dealt with by the Supreme Court and possbilby ECHR

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