London Metropolitan Police operating in Dublin?


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Nov 17, 2012
British escorting the rebels to Kilmainham at times had to point there rifle's at some of the crowd who were not best pleased with the prisoners.
Not something the political commissars of shin fein teach on a Monday night in the back room of a fall road pub.
Please quote your sources!

Some were sympathetic but knew better than to openly demonstrate support when thousands were being rounded up

- that aspect in turning opinion against the British Government is not often appreciated methinks

Some were vehemently hostile - as indeed many Dubliners were serving in the British Army

- and others just thought that the 'Shinners' had brought death and destruction on the City for no good reason they could see

Most people held their council in the Aftermath IMO to see which way the wind would blow....

In a nutshell there was no uniform response

- and it would be skewing history to think that there was...

Sweet Darling

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Jan 2, 2017
This is cross border co-operation promoted through EU avenues for better policing. By all rights, we should have more Polish, German, French, etc, police working with Garda and vice versa against cross border crime.

This is a good development in policing in Ireland.
But no Norwegians, Otherwise the shintards will have a mass outbreak of inferiority complex about the Vikings

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