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LookLeft Forum - Realising a Left Alternative

Ramon Mercadar

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May 31, 2006
Not involved in organising this but thought you might be interested.

LookLeft Magazine are pleased to invite you to the launch of our new issue, featuring a discussion on the topic of Realising a Left Alternative: Complementary Visions of Social Change. This discussion will be lead by Erik Olin Wright, the distinguished American Marxist scholar and author of books such as Envisioning Real Utopias, Gender Equality, Class Counts.

Saturday 2 March, 2:00pm

Teachers Club
36 Parnell sq 1, D1 Dublin, Ireland

Erik writes:

"I will contrast three broad strategic visions that have characterized the history of anti-capitalist social and political struggles: A ruptural vision, that imagines transcending capitalism through a fairly abrupt seizure of power that creates a disjuncture in the fundamental institutions and social structures of a society; an interstitial vision, that proposes building emancipatory alternatives inside of the existing society in whatever spaces make this possible; and a symbiotic vision, that imagines using the existing state as a way of solving problems in the functioning of capitalism in ways that also expand the scope of popular power. I will argue that these should be seen as complementary, not mutually exclusive."


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Oct 27, 2011
"A fairly abrupt seizure of power" is a great turn of phrase. Whether ''fairly abrupt'' is an oxymoron or not is debatable, but I really do like it.

One question; Why should the public trust Erik and his mates to look out for them when all of this socialist overthrow of the capitalist oppressors is done? Answers on a postcard...


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Mar 12, 2005
"How was the revolution for you, comrade?"

"Oh, fairly abrupt, fairly abrupt, comrade. A bit of a disjuncture, really."