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Mar 9, 2010
This is really something, Brussels Airlines has been relatively successful the past number of years, rising from the ashes of Sabena and by all accounts using a successful hybrid strategy in Europe and Africa.

Lufthansa CEO Spohr wants Brussels Airlines to integrate (disintegrate) into the drab Eurowings brand and it seems to Waloon Bernard Gustin and Flander Jan De Raeymaeker rightly told the Germans to p!ss off and leave their successful business model alone.

Lufthansa wants a management change at the top of Brussels Airlines - Aviation24.be

According to information received by La Libre Belgique, Lufthansa wants a radical change of management within the company. Thorsten Dirks, the boss of Eurowings, told the two Belgians that he wanted to end their contract. The German boss has offered them to sign a document on the terms of this end of their contract, which they have refused. “We made them understand that there was no question that the Germans do this on their own,” says a source familiar with the issue. “In Belgium, there are rules of governance and this type of decision must go through the Board of Directors. The Germans have accepted this principle.”

As a result, the Directors of the company are called Monday at 13:00 in Frankfurt. On the agenda, this change of management and the terms of the end of the contract of the two Belgian managers. The case seems a done deal because the Belgian Directors are a minority (four against five Germans) and have no veto right since January 1 this year. This decision should be endorsed Monday since a simple majority is enough. “The Germans have played the trick,” said a source.
Regardless of our political views and whatever else, something is rotten about this. This seems like LH trying to bully the Belgians and whatever anyone says about them, it's great to see them standing up for what they believe in and sticking it to Spohr. I do wonder if there are some lessons for Aer Lingus / IAG from this situation.

There's also a petition from Brussels Airlines staff if anyone wishes to sign.

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