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Mario Draghi deals Michael Noonan a major blow after a tough budget.


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Sep 25, 2010
3.5 Billion euro taken out of the economy yesterday and no deal on Promissory Notes says Draghi.

Michael Noonan October 2012
Michael Noonan has expressed his hope that a deal restructuring the government’s promissory note for Anglo Irish Bank could be reached in the coming weeks – a move which he says would make it easier to construct the next Budget.
“It would help me doing the Budgetary arithmetic if something could be arranged, or a statement of intent could be achieved, before the Budget,” he said.
Noonan hopeful of deal on Anglo promissory note before Budget

The ECB did not deliver on either of the above for Noonan by budget announcement.

Today 5th December Draghi.
Owen Callan ‏@OwenCallan
*DRAGHI SAYS ARE IN SITUATION BECAUSE OF POOR POLICY MAKING - what, like a rate hike in mid 2008??
Owen Callan ‏@OwenCallan
*DRAGHI SAYS ECB CAN'T ENTER AGREEMENT ON MONETARY FINANCING - but says "plenty of goodwill" for Ireland. Can you monetise goodwill???!
Lorcan Roche Kelly ‏@LorcanRK
Drgahi says No on prom note deal, but yes on goodwill. Maybe Irish CB should book €30bn of ECB Goodwill on their balance sheet


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Apr 30, 2011
This shower won't get anything out of the trioka.

Time for Adams and McGuinness to be sent over.

Cassandra Syndrome

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Aug 23, 2009
Threaten default. That will get them sweating.

But I forgot, we have the worst form of pond life in charge. If Fine Gael and Labour were undertakers, nobody would die.


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Oct 4, 2006
Great idea. If Draghi doesn't die from laughing they can always threaten to kneecap him!
At this stage we would be better off sending Bosco. They can't hear Noonan, the fukker can't get off his knees.


Mario Draghi 04.04.2012 said:
“We expect that future redemptions will be met according to the schedule to which the government has committed itself,” he said.

“As Ireland strives to regain market confidence, it is of the utmost importance that the commitments of the Irish State are met in line with standing contracts and agreements.”

Over a year of licking arse and trying to restore Ireland's international reputation but Itsa Me's not for turning. "Pacta sunt servanda."


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Feb 23, 2009
time to leave the EU and align with the soon to exit brits

we do more business with them and vice versa.


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Sep 21, 2010
Time to put the big D word in to Ireland , most Paye workers are already in Direland , but at least defaulting would cause Christmas cheer in many households.


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May 25, 2007
Dunno what youse are all whinging about, didn't inda and mickey the teacher tell yis we got a deal in June? And if they say wedid, then we did. Remember the five pint plan that they said we have? Well we still have it.

Spanner Island

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Feb 22, 2011
I wish I could say I'm surprised... but I'm not.

This is how the next 9 - 12 months are going to pan out imo...

Ireland not only has the EU presidency from Jan to Jun next year, but also The Gathering from Jan to Dec...

During the Jan to Jun period if there's any sign of major discontent the 'establishment' along with their puppy dog media hacks will round on any source of discontent and go overboard in claiming those who engage in it are making a holy show of us abroad and that they're doing down the country...

March - €3.1 billion will be pumped into IBRC and if anyone raises any significant opposition to this obscenity, the same treatment will be dished out to them... Don't be making a show of us on the international stage will be their plea... Don the green jersey!

During this six month period we will also hear plenty of support for Ireland and vacuous patronising platitudes from our EU 'partners' - as long as we behave and stay in line that is...

And at the same time we will also hear a load of the usual horse sh!te from Kenny & Co. about how they expect a deal soon... a deal which will never materialise...

Jul to Dec - Once the presidency is over our rotten 'establishment' will breath a huge sigh of relief... as long as we've stayed in line that is, and haven't embarrassed ourselves on the world stage...

And if the sh!t has somehow hit the fan at any stage, our 'establishment' gimps will simply throw their hands in the air and claim it's all our own fault that things have gone pear shaped... a bit like Kenny did in Davos last year...

Anyway... presuming we've behaved as is our habit, various noises will be made during the Jul - Sept period about a possible deal... which of course will never come...

Then once Merkel is re-elected it will be full steam ahead with EU integration, political union and whatever you're having yourself...

Pat Cox, Peter Sutherland, John Bruton and all the rest of the Europhile gobsh!tes will re-appear on stage again telling us what's good for us and that we really don't have any choice anyway...

And that will be it...

No deal will ever emerge... or at least not a stand alone deal...

If anything emerges it will be in return for all sorts of EU demands including our Corporate tax rate...

And the EU will have won... and our pansies in Dublin will claim victory too... because they're all imbeciles...

That's how I see the next 9 - 12 months panning out anyway...


March - €3.1 billion will be pumped into IBRC and if anyone raises any significant opposition to this obscenity, the same treatment will be dished out to them... Don't be making a show of us on the international stage will be the cry...
March 2013 will see €6.2 billion payment to IBRC - 3.1 for the PNs and 3.1 to BoI (through IBRC) for the PNs also.