Mary Harney...Are you looking???


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Jul 7, 2010
If we started a campaign to ask the consultants to give up some of their pay to alleviate the trouble what do you think would happen? Perhaps make them feel guilty , I know they were offered the big money ...


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Jul 2, 2009
Sorry in the NYT article the irish consultants earn less than their Uk equivalent.( the figures are adjusted for purchasing power parity)
The bit about consultant support for reconfiguration is nonsense.
Sorry?. Not as sorry as the thousands who exprience the downsides of Operation Transformation.

Fact one. A consultant works in a top hospital in Oxford and earns stg£75k, another works in a top? hospital in Dublin and earns €220,000. Both qualified from University in Dublin in same year, both have spent 12 years gaining top experience in their particular field of experience.

I don't know what planet anyone who believes that stg£75k can buy more than €220,000 is living on (Planet Bertie maybe). Out of the stg£75k this consultant has to travel in Europe at least 3 times to give lectures concerning his field of expertise all expenses are paid from his own salary.

Fact 2. Some consultants did not want or need a very large increase in their salary to conclude their deal with Mary Harmey. At least one publicly said so and was put back in his box by the HSE/DOH.

Fact 3. The bully boys at the negotiating table got their asses whipped by the Consultants. Why? Because the Consultants could, they held and continue to hold the keys to the HSE nirvana of Operation Transformation (AKA the closure of hospitals and wards).

Fact 4. The NYT article is wrong.


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Apr 10, 2010
"Fact one" : No consultant (apart from clinical directors and professors) earns 220k in Ireland. Type A get 188-192k per year Type B ( allowed charge private patients) 158-168k these are the top of the scale, new consultants get less.
Welcome to the Health Service Empoyers Agency
In the UK consultants get "awards" for jobs that are normal part and parcel of irish consultant workload.
Most consultants after 4 years earn about £150-160 k (170-190 euro)
Consultants in the UK also get to work in a health service.
I took a pay cut as a consultant to return here - I did so for family reasons- every day I despair at the conditions in my hospital.

"Fact two": No one was forced to sign the new contract , in fact those who signed the new contract get paid 4% more for doing 12% more hours and not entitled to talk to the press without HSE say-so. "The gaging clause". Most would agree the clinical director is an excellent idea.
Our friend who protested at being paid too much (and aspiring FG candidate) did not have to sign the new contract and with the recent levys and pay cuts is now on 25% less income so is probably happy enough and does not charge his private patients:rolleyes: yea right.

"Fact 3" Operation transformation is a RTE program about fatties.
If you are talking about the drive to reconfigure hospital services (the whole reason for setting up the HSE was to implement the pol potesque Hanly report) many consultants oppose this as they realise that it will deny many people access to health care and force others to pay for private healthcare.

Others notably those in hospitals that will be "saved" are in favour of reconfiguration as they have been promised extra resources ( they have been sold a pup).

Your final "fact" is in fact a personal opinion and not a "fact"


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Jul 2, 2009
Posted this piece on another thread.

Route 66: the public servants paid more than the Taoiseach

The sixty-six public servants paid more than Brian Cowen

John Corrigan, Head of NTMA, €500,000 + (Estimated as NTMA refuses to release salary details)

Brendan McDonagh, Head of NAMA, €500,000 + (Estimated as NAMA refuses to release salary details)

Mike Aynsley, CEO, Anglo Irish Bank, €500,000

Declan Collier, CEO, Dublin Airport Authority, €478,100

Padraig McManus, CEO, ESB, €458,309

Dermot Byrne, CEO, Eirgrid, €439,000

Donal Connell, CEO, An Post, €423,000

Gabriel D'Arcy, CEO, Bord na Mona, €357,000

John Mullins, CEO, Bord Gais, €344,000

David Gunning, CEO, Coillte, €343,000

Cathal Magee, CEO designate, HSE, €322,000

John Murray, Chief Justice,

Nicholas Kearns, President, High Court, €275,000

Eamonn Brennan, CEO, Irish Aviation Authority, €274,000

Cathal Goan, DG, RTE, €273,000

Enda Connellan, CEO, Dublin Port, €264,000 (2008)

Frank Gannon, DG, Science Foundation, €259,697

Brendan Keating, CEO, Cork Port, €259,372 (2008 salary includes deferred bonus for '06 and '07)

Adrian Hardiman (+ six others), Supreme Court judge, €258,000

Matthew Deery, President Circuit Court, €249,000

Paul Carney (+ 35 others), High Court judge, €243,000

Academic Medical Consultant, Public Teaching Hospitals, €241,359

John Lynch, Executive Chairman, CIE, €239,602

Seán McGrath, HR Director, HSE, €230,000

Dr Michael Murphy, President, UCC, €230,000

Kevin Cardiff, Secretary General / Dept of Finance, €228,466

Dermot McCarthy, Secretary General / Dept of Taoiseach, €228,466

Brian Cowen, Taoiseach, €228,466


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Mar 2, 2008
Mary Harney must resign, all parts of the health service have got worse under her tenure, Yesterday we heard of Patients with Cystic Fibrosis been put into wards with 80 year old patients, I have nothing again 80 year old people, but this could be a death sentence for a patient with regards infection, Today we hear
of teenagers with psychiatric problems there is no place for them in the S.E The HSE tell us that they are held separately from older patients. In my experience that is exactly the same as 40 years ago, A locked door separated them, when services were been delivered there would be mayhem. Mary Harney was boasting last night about the amount of money spent, she should be ashamed, In all cases we hear praise for front line service. porters,cleaners , nurses,
She is a complete failure in her,job, I was shocked when I heard there was no improvement for the likes of those patients in 40 years.

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