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Oct 8, 2009
I am surprised that such an organisation does not exist in this country to highlight the agendas being followed by certain right-wing commentators.
On the right this "service" is provided by Eoghan Harris whose Mediawatch seems to consist of "RTE bad, Newstalk good".
I have just listened to Norah Casey interviewing Brendan Howlin and her detestation of the man was palpable. It is in interviews like that, that you can see the agenda at work. Generally people with an agenda usually couch it in terms of fairness but occasionally the mask slips as it did with her attack on Public Sector workers. Whilst one might accept an attack on Government policies for being too harsh, it's a bit rich hearing it from a multi-millionaire whose concern was not with those on the breadline but those supposedly with a stake in the country(whatever that means).
Any Mediawatch would find a "target rich environment" in the Irish media, be it the likes of Eddie Hobbs, Kevin Myers et al.


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Feb 14, 2011
I have no problems with commentators in the media giving politicians shtick.

My problem is they did not do it during the Celtic tiger period.

Instead they were inside the tent of the great and the good in government and financial institutions echoing their spin-doctors press releases.

So much so that they missed the biggest story for a century the bankrupting of the country.

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