MEPs hold back part of ex-Commissioner pensions


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Dec 13, 2007
"EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS The European Parliament has voted to hold to ransom some of the money paid out to ex-commissioners until the European Commission revamps its code of conduct to tighten up rules on cases of revolving doors, where retiring commissioners and officials have gone on to well-paid jobs in the private sector in areas close to the dossiers they oversaw when working for the Brussels machine."

"The [budget?] committee has only once found a commissioner to be in conflict, earlier this month, after it emerged that former internal market and financial services commissioner Charlie McGreevy [sic.] had taken a job with a British investment bank, NBNK set to profit from the fall-out of the financial crisis."

Source: EUobserver / MEPs hold to ransom commission pensions

Charlie McGreevy: on the Greevy train?

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