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Mid Staffordshire hospitals trust scandals-lessons for Ireland?


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Apr 11, 2007
See The NHS: we can make it better - Telegraph

This article has many interesting proposals for improving patient services and clinical outcomes.It is part of the media storm that followed the Francis Report findings of appalling neglect of patients and numerous unnecessary deaths in Mid Staffordshire hospitals trust.

Proposals based on best practices include:
-Putting patients first
-Enforcing links between pay and performance (Impact,SIPTU should note)
-Clinical leaders need more power and responsibility
-Monitoring of safety culture
-Celebrate success,root out underperformance (That means the sack for some,not jobs for life)
-University Hospitals Birmingham has sophisticated computer monitoring of operations that can identify worker performance and cut medical errors by two thirds
-Drastic actions needed on underperforming hospitals eg outsourcing Hunchingbrooke hospital to Circle improved ratings to highest levels (40% of NHS health service staff would not recommend that their friends be treated where they work)
-Emulate Kaiser Permanente's website that allows patients to access results and improves communications
-Computerised monitoring of doctors' efficiency in patient care and quickness of response to patient needs
-Publish clinical outcomes for each major disease area as is the practice in Cleveland Clinic,famous for its quality of care


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Feb 26, 2006
Yet another survey from The Slattster. Go and pay for them like other marketing companies.