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Nov 30, 2008
Published today.
The number of migrant workers coming to Britain from outside the EU should be cut by between 13 and 25% next year recommends the Migraation Advisory Council in a 324 page report today.
BBC News - Cut non-EU migrant workers by up to 25%, ministers told

This would reduce the number of work visas from 50,000 in 2009 to around 40,000 next year ie from April 2011.
The Committee says the other 80% cut to achieve the government's target of net immigration in the tens of thousands, 'would have to come from student and family migration'.
"Some of the answers lie in raising the bar for entry, and longer-term measures to 'boost outflows'" [policies to prevent migrants staying indefinitely].
'Research by the UK Borders Agency found that about one in three migrants who arrived on Tier 1 (the highly skilled worker points system) were in menial roles such as shop assistants, security guards and supermarket cashiers.'

Immigration Minister Damien Green said, 'Bringing down net migration to sustainable levels will not be easy. We will not be able to achieve it by focussing on just one area of the system and one route into Britain.'

The Migration Advisory Committee was established by the UK government in 2007, and consists of 5 economists, and is chaired by Professor Metcalf. see UK Border Agency | Home Page

The Migrant Advisory Committee does not have an ideological committment to 'rights based migration'.
In the year 2009, while unemployment soared, Ireland issued 4024 new work permits and renewed 3938 existing ones. (see ww.entemp.ie)
In the year 2009, Ireland issued 79,986 pps numbers to new foreign nationals who appeared in the country. (see Department of Social Protection)

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