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Millward Brown poll-1st June 2013


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Nov 23, 2010
Below is an extract from RTE website :

A new opinion poll shows support for Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael is neck and neck at 27%.
The Millward Brown poll for tomorrow's Sunday Independent indicates a four point increase in support for Fine Gael.
This poll was carried out over 12 days finishing last Tuesday.
 979 adults around the country took part in the poll.
The proportion of undecided voters remains high, at 33%.
When undecided voters are excluded, support for Fine Gael is up four points since the last Sunday Independent poll a fortnight ago, at 27%.
Labour has dropped one point to 11% since the last poll, while Fianna Fáil is up one, to 27%, the same as Fine Gael.
Sinn Féin support is down two to 17%, while Independents and Others are down one to 18%.
Opinions on Government satisfaction were sought for the poll, with 74% saying that they were dissatisfied with how the Government is running the country. 
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