More "Chandalier Socialists" than Socialist Party: Cllrs in waste of public money


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Aug 3, 2008
1.The Socialist Party are quite clearly being singled out here. Fianna Fail(4),Fine Gael(6) and Labour(9) have more council seats than the Socialist Parties 3 seats but they are not mentioned.

2.The article implies that it was Newbridge House was rented out at huge cost to the taxpayer. The "mansion" that the pictures were taken in is owned by the state so it was of no cost to the taxpayer.

3.Socialist Party is Trotskyist meaning that is fully opposed to East Germany and any other Totalitarian Socialist States.

4.The Socialist Party councillors all take the average wage of a skilled worker so they make the least of all the councillors in that room and to paint them as champagne socialists is simply unfair.

Fair enough if you want to attack the SP's legitimate views and feel free to give them abuse if one of their councillers is found to be corrupt or taking liberties but that clearly isnt the case.Kelly and some of the people here are biased and don't seem to be aware of these facts.
But why do we need these photos? €10000 would sure buy a nice few books for those libraries!!


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May 25, 2009
This should put an end to any silly jibes at the SP representatives

The decision of Fingal County Council officials to hire a photographer and have the photos taken of the 24 newly elected or re-elected Fingal County Councillors last year and then have the photos subsequently printed and framed at a cost of €9,471 is an indefensible extravagance in which the councillors themselves were entirely unwitting participants.
The location of the photo shoot, despite the impression Independent News and Media intended giving in their article, did not feature in the overall cost, as Newbridge House is owned by the public.
Similar photo shoots in the past for the Council website and Council publications were performed by a Council employee who retired in 2008 and was not replaced because of the recruitment embargo.
Had any Socialist Party representative been aware of the cost at the time, they would have objected and insisted that the shoot be performed by Council staff.
The cost itself beggars belief and requires answers from whoever made the decision to outsource this task.
However, rather than focusing on the plain facts of this story, Independent News and Media have sought to single out the three Socialist Party councillors participation in the photo shoot and imply some sort of culpability on their part for the subsequent cost of the exercise of which they were not aware.
This comes the day after Michael O’Doherty wrote an ill-informed and racist column in the Evening Herald attacking Joe Higgins MEP for his support for striking French workers and subjecting French people in general to a demeaning racial stereotype.
The Socialist Party stands over the records of all its elected representatives who are peerless fighters for working people and the unemployed and uniquely none of whom financially gain from the elected positions they hold.
The attacks upon our representatives by a newspaper group with an historical anti-union and anti-socialist pedigree and owned by a multi-millionaire tax exile are only to be expected.
Fingal County Council Hiring of photographer for

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