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National Consumer Agency continues to waste money


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May 5, 2009
The NCA are being merged with another Quango, yet are tendering for a PR contract..

The National Consumer Agency (NCA) is tendering for a new PR contract even though it will be amalgamated with the Competition Authority, which retains in-house staff to deal with media questions, by the end of the year.

Some €550,000 has already been spent by the NCA on PR since 2007. Willie Penrose, Labour's enterprise spokesman, branded the decision to tender for a new contract "mind-boggling".
the current contract, to a FF company, was not awarded on a best price basis. Not that the winning tender could have known this,of course.

Since 2005, the quango has retained the services of Q4, a PR firm set up by Martin Mackin, a former Fianna Fail general secretary, and Jackie Gallagher, a former adviser to Bertie Ahern.

The tender document says the quango requires "specialist public relations support" in order to "assist it in the execution of its statutory functions in the area of consumer information, education, awareness and consumer law enforcement".

It also says the winning firm should be able to advise the NCA on "positive outcomes on core consumer issues" and "using expert knowledge of the external media . . . deliver proactive media campaigns".

The 12-month contract would not be awarded on a lowest price basis as cost concerns only made up 30pc of award criteria.

'Mind-boggling' PR spend plan by state agency - National News, Frontpage - Independent.ie


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Jul 16, 2010
Nothing mind-blogging about that, perfectly rational. When you can spend other people's money without consequences, who cares, get some PR friends some work. Not that €500k would keep several special needs assistants in work for years. PR for consumer agency is much more important.

Brewster's millions rings a bell.

Where's the sick bowl!


May 14, 2010
This one will be worse than the financial regulator,it could explode!Heres a regulator,wanting to go for long expensive P.R. lunches while grocery prices are the highest in Europe and Tesco make their highest margins in the world in this poor country.Where is there a good journalist?Get inside this and the Govt. would fall!! the info is there,"follow the money".