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Mar 26, 2010
Mod - please don't paste this on the end of someone else's thread as if you
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I didn't think this was the classifieds.

I don't see how any could disagree with the premise that the condition of the
government/state run balance sheets are presently of 'national importance'.

Article 27 of the constitution provides for 'proposal(s) of such national
importance that the will of the people thereon ought to be ascertained.'

Who doubts that the mechanism of debt relief will be written in a bill and quickly
passed by both houses in the 'national interest'.

The catch is that before signing the bill into law, a majority of the Seanad and
at least one third of the Dail have to sign a petition, present it to the President,
within four days of the bill having been passed.

The President can then decide that, yes, the people should be heard from and
the bill should go before the people.

In light of the IMF record on past national bailouts, this something the people
should know about and be required to consider.

We can expect cuts in government departments, primarily in those that look
after the public good. Socially, environmentally, agriculturally, educationally.

The people are to go through this because the government was instructed
to acquire the debt of about 850 borrowers at a pricetag of E73b.

People need to know that none of this is being done in their interest. In fact,
it is being done against their interest, without their full knowledge and
without their consent.

Is it possible to rally the country's thinkers to help people realize what is
going on?

Direct Democracy Ireland

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