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New Phone Line for Dublin


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Sep 3, 2007
Exciting news. A new phone line is to be laid which will directly connect Dublin to Britain.

A new telephone cable is being laid under the Irish Sea to give Dublin a direct connection with the English telephone system for the first time.

The announcement in the House of Commons in London that the cable will be operational within three months has been warmly welcomed by businessmen in Dublin.

Up to now, anyone in Dublin who wishes to talk on the phone to someone in London, has to have the call passed through a series of connections from Dublin to Belfast, from there under the Irish Sea to either Glasgow or Carlisle, and then down through the length of Britain to London.

Because these same lines are also being used by towns and cities down through England, calls from Dublin must wait in turn and often take many hours to be put through.
News from 100 years ago today. Puts our broadband complaints in perspective.

New phone line for Dublin | Century Ireland


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Feb 22, 2010
And only earlier today I was whinging about how crap my broadband is... technology really has come on in the past 100 years. :eek: