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Oct 2, 2010
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Feb 17, 2006
May I congratulate the new State Solicitor for Louth on his appointment.

Appointment of State Solicitor for Co. Louth 25.11.2010 Following a competition, the Director of Public Prosecutions has appointed Mr. Fergus Mullen as State Solicitor for the area of Co. Louth, effective the 1st of December 2010.

Woods Ahern Mullen Solicitors in Dundalk

Would the Ahern be any relation to Minister Dermot Ahern?
Not a relation. Ahern himself.

Minister Dermot Ahern insists he was not involved in Mullen appointment as new State Solicitor for Louth - Dundalk Democrat

Minister Ahern was involved with Woods Ahern Mullen for 21 years having joined the firm in 1976 after qualifying as a solicitor. The legal practice had been founded in 1932 by Peter Woods but when Mr Ahern and Mr Mullen came on board it became Woods Ahern Mullen. The Minister retired from the firm in 1997 but the company retains his name at their new state of the art premises at the Elgee Building in Market Square.
I don't have any issue with this.


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Mar 19, 2010
In other unrelated news, the Minister for JUSTICE is retiring from public office, to return to his former profession.....

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