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May 16, 2007
I was in the Merrion Hotel tonight, when Ajai Chopra walked by my table at about midnight, holding what looked like a brandy and port.

"Ajai" said I, "will we have a deal by Sunday?"

"We are are working as hard as we can", he smilingly replied.



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Oct 1, 2009
French presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade message to Irish patriots!

Arrêtons le pillage financier de l


How many will lose their jobs ? How many die ?

Statement by Jacques Cheminade

Candidate for election to the Presidency of France in 2012

Paris, 25th November 2010 — Ireland is being looted by a wake of vultures : the EU, the European Central Bank, and the IMF. A wake of criminals, perpetrating a criminal act. How many will lose their jobs ? How many die ? I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those who oppose these vandals, with those who reject that policy in the name of national independence and of your people’s future. Hold fast ! Be deaf to the sirens of demoralisation because you are not alone ! The patriots of France, indeed, the patriots of every European country, support you just as they support the people of Greece. Ireland and Greece are but the first victims in Europe of a rampaging disastrous policy that has already destroyed the Third World, and that, if left unchecked, will smash the entire world’s financial and political structures.

Turn a deaf ear to those who would have you believe that the Irish people are guilty of some heinous sin. It is not so ! The so-called « Irish » crisis is a mere symptom. Look about you ! Everywhere one turns, Governments rush to bail out the offenders who caused the crisis - the financial institutions, the attendant gaggle of speculators - while their victims, the people of the United States and Europe, are being insulted and crushed.

The actual policy-makers are to be found in the City of London and in Wall Street, which together are the latest incarnation of the British Empire. How indecently they claim to « save » Ireland by slamming down a fifth austerity plan, representing 4% of GNP, over and on top of the 4% of the earlier plans ! How many will lose their jobs ? How many die ? Finance Minister Brian Lenihan has baldly owned that his Government’s only real concern is to try and stave off a banking collapse. In that, his conduct is no different from that of the other European Financial Sages who ape Margaret Thatcher as they whine « There is No Alternative ». Rubbish ! Why should we save the Euro and the Banks, institutions rotten to the core, a Moloch into whose bonfire the peoples of Europe are being tossed !

Here we have Government of the Banks, by the Banks and for the Banks. Let us rather adopt that of President Abraham Lincoln, that also appears as Article 2 of the Constitution of the Fifth Republic of France : « Government of the People, by the People and for the People ».

What is to be done ? The British Empire, that rests today on its world-wide power over the deregulated money markets, must be destroyed. And with it, once and for all, destroy monetarism ! The present deregulated British system must urgently be replaced by a fixed-exchange rate system of public credit, which credit can then be invested in the physical economy – industry, infrastructure - and improving nature. To achieve that, a firewall must swiftly be erected to protect the deposit banks from the merchant banks, while placing the wild-eyed speculators into organised bankruptcy. That is precisely what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did, with the Glass-Steagall Act (1933), recklessly abrogated in the USA in 1999, thirteen years after similar legislation was no-less-recklessly abrogated in France. The very financiers who pulled strings to do so have unleashed the madness that is destroying Ireland today !

A new Glass-Steagall Act lies at the heart of Lyndon LaRouche’s programme and campaign in the USA and mine in France. In the spirit of Theobald Wolfe Tone, Arthur Griffith and Michael Collins, we look to our Irish friends to go on the offensive. No-one better knows the British Empire than you, and no-one has shown more courage in facing it down. As for we French, we recall the spirit of General Hoche in 1796.

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