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Nigel Farage Intimidated on the streets of Edinburgh 17-5-2013. Salmon fails moral courage test.

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Nov 30, 2008
Nigel Farage was locked in a pub to keep out approximately 50 jeering, shouting protestors, who picketed his UKIP meeting and then refused to disperse from the street outside. He was rescued eventually by police officers and escorted to safety.
BBC News - Farage swarmed by angry protesters in Edinburgh

This orchestrated intimidation of political activity on the streets of his own capital seemed to cause Alex Salmon (First Minister of Scotland) very little shame. He declined to condemn the actions of the protesters which he thought, instead, 'needed to be put in context', and condemned only 'illegal activity, if any took place' [ recall ECHR article 10 'Freedom of Expression' and article 11 'Freedom of Assembly', for starters and the two arrests made by police], and added in 'political discourse in Scotland we can frankly do without UKIP'.
Comment: The intimidation of one's opponents poses a particular moral challenge to a politician. Alex Salmon failed that challenge. But Alex Salmon is actually playing for high stakes. Today there is a little less confidence that an independent Scotland, with Alex Salmon as it's putative Prime Minister, will be a place where pluralist politics can be practiced, and a bit more fear that the mob will be released on officially-sanctioned 'hate-figures'.
Thank God the police acted responsibly.
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