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Nov 24, 2010
Yes... and why it's allowed to continue is baffling...

Their charges are extortionate too... whether you're lucky enough to get a face value ticket initially or whether you choose to be gouged later via Seatwave...

What Ticketmaster engages in should be illegal.

The odious Ticketmaster monopoly coins it at every stage of every transaction. End of.
this is only one of the legal scams allowed by various mof's, why can we hot have a responsible mof for at least one term

Oct 8, 2011
Was sitting in The Bleeding Horse some years ago. Waiting for my brother. Reading a book.

He arrives as a rowdy few people leave.

They were called Soundgarden.

I never really noticed them. It was a good book.

Socratus O' Pericles

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Oct 12, 2009
Taylor Swift slammed over controversial partnership with Ticketmaster that aims to stop touts

EARLIER THIS WEEK Taylor Swift and Ticketmaster announced that she would be using Ticketmaster’s ‘Verified Fan’ programme that supposedly keeps tickets from the hands of resellers.

Ticketmaster uses “proprietary data science technology” to try determine whether potential buyers are likely to be scalpers or fans – which presumably means no Swift tickets for Phish heads unless an algorithm determines they’re probably parents – and only approves the latter.
Firstly, fans have been told that they can ‘maximise their chances’ of being selected for tickets by registering on, buying her merchandise and picking a city in which they want to the singer to perform.
Capitalism run amok.

They are certainly getting ye back for all that fee downloading!

Who is Taylor Swift btw.petunia


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Oct 16, 2012

I assume all these tickets are being purchased by bots of some kind and will reappear on the black within minutes at grossly inflated prices.

Could or should anything be done about this?

Won't someone please, please, please think of the real fans?

Seriously, though. How DO people get tickets?


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