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No Touting To Neighbour Hood Watch

between the bridges

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Sep 21, 2011
The report said: “Co-ordinators acknowledge that there can be some residents who are hard to reach and are not interested in participating in neighbourhood watch.

“In a number of areas such as those with a strong republican background or where there are organised antisocial activities, there are residents who are not in favour of the neighbourhood watch scheme.”
Republican areas less favourable to neighbourhood watch - Headlines - Belfast Newsletter

Shocking stuff people feeling intimated out of being good citizen's,(or nosey barstewarts) this could lead to the failure of the peace process...Anyone live in a NW area? If so is it a good or a bad thing? my own neighbours are a tad nosey for always gocken when i sunbathe in my mankini...


death or glory

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Sep 1, 2012
Is that you - I never knew
PS what are you doing tomorrow night - fancy dinner

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