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May 22, 2004
Very, very interesting.

I think, though, that NUIM needs its communications capacity to undergo a bit of horizontal evolution.

Dr McInerney's unit has its own webpage but no update on this topic: bioinf@nuim

And his personal blog also has nothing new, although this is an interesting take of matters political: » If the Irish were an organism and the recession was its environment Science, society, stuff…: A blog about, well, science, society and stuff…

On top of that, the GeneOrigins website is offline, which is disappointing: http://www.ionic.ie/go/website_portfolio/gene-origins

In the meantime, I recommend forwarding news of this exciting breakthrough to the following:
  • Nature magazine and other selected journals
  • The world's leading evolutionary science blogs
  • The Nobel committee
  • The office of Conor Lenihan TD, Minister of State for Sciencey stuff

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